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ABOUT USPeace of Mind - Guaranteed

Complete Home Renovations is a member of the Master Builders Association. Our unique difference is the FIXED COST CONTRACTS we provide, giving you peace of mind and assurance we will deliver your renovation on budget.

Our team of qualified builders, registered tradies and project managers use quality and reputable materials and deliver projects in FIXED TIME FRAMES. And yes – you get a Master Builders Guarantee.

We help families design, project-manage, obtain consent as well as finance the work. We give you peace of mind with turn-key renovation solutions.

We've been helping families renovate their homes for over 10 years.

WHY CHOOSE USRest Assured With Stress Free Renovations

  1. Peace of mind – hassle-free renovations
  2. Full-service turn-key renovation solutions. We manage it all.
  3. Expertise and qualified tradesman
  4. Proven quality results
  5. Fixed price contracts – no surprises
  6. Fixed time frames – professionally managed
  7. Master Builders Guarantee

TYPES OF RENOVATIONSAffordable Home Renovations

We design and build amazing spaces that enhance your living experience. Our Fixed Priced Renovation model ensures we deliver your renovation on budget and on time with no surprises. We work to your budget and determine an affordable scope that gives you peace of mind and a hassle-free renovation.

It all starts with a conversation. Our team is happy to hear your thoughts about your project, either by phone or in person. If you’d like to know more, please arrange a FREE no-obligation site meeting to discuss your project in more detail.

Kitchen Renovations
The most popular update for most customers. A kitchen renovation truly transforms your home, and as the evidence shows, a new kitchen and bathroom sell a house more than any other room. Whether you’re looking to catch a better price at sale time or update your kitchen for your own enjoyment, we have affordable and quality designs and brands to choose from to make the most of your new kitchen renovations. For the enthusiastic chefs of the family, we can design kitchens that cover all the latest amenities so it feels like you are living in your own Masterchef arena. Or we similarly have solutions for simple spaces built for creating family memories, as well as space-saving options, so you get everything you need and nothing that you don’t.
Your outdoor area can be a paradise and your palace if you let it. Fencing off your property creates easy privacy and a better sense of ownership of your space. Welcome family pooches to the fray with a well-designed decks to keep both them and your children safe. If soaking up the sun with a brew or two is your main priority, we can certainly provide quality decks to flow nicely from your property and allow you to relax in the great outdoors. We have a lot of experience when it comes to renovating your patios, decks and outdoor living spaces, complying strictly with building codes to make sure that you get the safe, secure and luxurious finish you are after. Auckland may have some strange weather, but we have deck solutions that can survive through years and years of unruly climates as we use only the best quality materials to build you a product that lasts.
Bathroom Renovations
There’s nothing quite like soaking in a new bathroom, surrounded by brand new tiles, fixtures and fittings. We can do wonders with bathrooms of all sizes, whether it’s the dinky WC under the stairs or a full-blown master ensuite with hot tub. We offer fabulous designs bespoke to your space, budget and preferences - with you having the final say on everything. If your Auckland home is seeking a bathroom renovation, then we have the solutions for you that are affordable, stylish and will breathe new life into your bathrooms.
Adding rooms onto your home isn’t as difficult or as expensive as you might think. If you need that extra bathroom or bedroom for a growing family or guests, we can provide transparent no-obligation quotes so you can see just how much adding space onto your home will cost. If you want to add a British style conservatory or even an artist studio, we have solutions guaranteed to fit the bill.

RENOVATION COSTHow Much Does A Renovation Cost?

Renovation costs vary greatly, depending on the scale and which rooms are refurbished. Building materials and the finish also play a big part in the ultimate costs, so planning upfront can help determine the final costs. We know that the current market price rises add so much vulnerability to homeowners, so our peace of mind solution – removes the risk of the unknown with FIXED PRICE contracts.

If you are considering a renovation, let’s connect to determine the project scope. Once we have this scope, we will price your renovation with a FIXED PRICE contract to ensure no surprises on completion.

Get in touch with our expert team for a free no-obligation consultation today.


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