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How To Add Value To Your House!

Ask the experts at Complete Home Renovation and learn if renovating is your big-ticket for an upsell!

Many people want to know how to add some value to their house or property, and there are several reasons to want to do so.

  1. Fetching a higher price before sale time.
  2. Being able to ask for higher rent on your investment property.
  3. Personally enjoying the prestige of an updated, more valuable home.

While fetching a higher sale price for your house is an obvious reason to renovate, you have to be smart when you choose what to renovate! Renovating your house or property might just be the simple answer to adding value to it, and it’s a great way to refresh a home for new occupants.

However, renovating does not guarantee that your price will instantly jump up in the sale market. The housing market is fickle, and while renovating and updating your house will always make it more desirable and functional, the market (in all its fluctuating glory) may still mean you shouldn’t sell just yet until the prices are optimised for you.

Always get advice from a market specialist when considering renovating in order to add value to your house, but we are confident that you are going to love the possibilities renovation can open up for the improvement of your property!

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Renovation Ideas To Add Value To Your House

When considering renovations to raise the value of a property, you ideally want to get back at least double what you spent on renovations in increased house value. Take advantage of free renovation consultations and get expert advice from house market specialists to find out what features are making selling easier, and what might be a wasted investment.

The general rule of thumb: Don’t overspend, and don’t do it all! Pick your battles and really consider what makes your property very sellable, and what could use some work. If you were the buyer, would you buy your property again? If not? Why not?

An Upgraded Kitchen

While it may sound fun to add more bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms sell a home! Consider The value a new kitchen will add to your final sell price before committing to any renovations if that is the sole reason you want to renovate. Otherwise, renovating a kitchen will definitely allow you to raise the rent on your investment property (tenants LOVE kitchens that are clean, functional and not falling apart) and if it’s just for your enjoyment - then go wild, a new kitchen is magic and the best place to create new family memories. Even the smallest updates can make a kitchen look fresher and more modern without having to shell out for a whole refit!

A Bathroom Renovation

Like a new kitchen, new bathroom fittings, tiles and installations make a home suddenly seem so much newer, more comfortable - and more expensive. Alternatively, adding the extension of a master ensuite is a very attractive selling point. With some bathrooms costing upwards of $25,000, make sure you are renovating for the right reasons and know the potential return in house value rise before making any major renovations.

Adding A Double Garage

Garages are guaranteed to raise the value of your home, especially if you live in a denser area like the Auckland CBD or surrounding areas where parking is a premium! Make the most of unused basements and consider adding a single or double garage to the functionality of your property. Most Aucklanders have to own a car to get around the vast breadth of the city, so you’ll catch more potential buyers if you are supplying the space they might need for their car.

While these are just a few major choices that are almost guaranteed to up the value of your house, what you want to renovate and extend is really up to you.

Adding more bedrooms takes a home into a whole new market and adding bathrooms Get free insider advice and a fixed fee for no hidden surprise costs from the Complete Home Renovation team to take your property to the next level!

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